Apple to Launch Aussie iTunes

Apple is one of those companies you can't afford to write off. With few people seriously using the Macintosh platform (Microsoft has in excess of 90% of market share with Windows), you could have been forgiven for writing off the "fruit company" from Forrest Gump in the late 90's.

In one of the greatest examples of re-focused business strategy combining with the ability to deliver technology that is both functional and 'culturally' desirable Apple turned around its fortunes with the iPod launch in October 2001.

The decision of Apple to make the iPod based on a hard-disk drive, rather than flash memory meant users could store thousands and thousands of songs and take them anywhere. To help organise and manage this vast amount of music, Apple introduced iTunes, a piece of software that organises and plays music files through the computer, and synchronises with the iPod.

April 2003 saw Apple launch the iTunes Digital Music Store. By entering your credit card details music files could be downloaded in real-time. Licensing and deal-making issues with record companies arose

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