Fed up with security threats? Fight back!

In the last couple of months Internetrix has delivered a constant flow of security warnings which have been aimed at preventing possible virus infection on your computer/network.

The latest series of viruses have been attempting to take advantage of the flaws found within Microsoft suite of Windows operating systems.

Our main recommended defence so far has been to point your browser at www.windowsupdate.com on a regular basis to ensure latest patches can be installed. This relies on you, and your staff remembering to patch your machines, and over some slow internet connections, this just isn't practical.

So, this month we can show you how to fight back in this world of increasing security threats, and how an investment of only a few hundred dollars can buy you peace of mind and all the efficiency benefits of not having your machines offline multiple times a month.

Our recommended solution is a new breed of firewalls - hardware devices that monitor your network and block network traffic according to rules and patterns. Previously only affordable for corporates, there are a new breed of firewalls that are priced for small business and maintained by professionals so they actually do their job (and keep you protected). There are devices capable of blocking hacking attempts, scanning incoming emails for viruses before it even gets onto your network and even content filtering (so employers can sleep a little better knowing their staff aren't downloading illegal or inappropriate content on their system).

Every month there are new threats that affect millions of users online. Considering that there are more and more people hanging off always connected, high speed network connections - which make you an attractive target - the risk is growing all the time. If you feel concerned about these potential threats and know that it is a burden for your IT support person to have to race around the office ensuring that all patches are installed for the latest virus then consider installing a fully managed firewall.

A firewall is a piece of hardware that is the barrier between your network and the Internet. By taking a few simple steps after adding a new firewall and getting some sound advice you can successfully protect your organization against the ongoing series of threats that the Internet is unable to satisfactorily prevent.

Internetrix has sourced suppliers of managed firewall solutions, and have tested and validated their offerings. When choosing a managed firewall supplier, it is critical that they are service oriented, proactive and above all trustworthy - to be introduced to one of our partners depending on your location and needs, contact us today.

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