Microsoft Windows Vista

The first new operating system since the release of XP years back, Windows Vista is Microsoft's latest and greatest system. According to Microsoft, Vista has hundreds of new features, including a new graphical interface, improved searching features and new multimedia tools complete with a Windows DVD maker.

Due out to regular customers in January 2007, Vista aims to increase the level of communication between PCs on a home network using peer-to-peer network technology, making it easier to share files such as digital media between computers.

But Microsoft suggests that its primary goal with Vista is to improve overall security of the Windows operating system. Windows XP was commonly criticised for its numerous security vulnerabilities and susceptibility to viruses and other malware.

Vista will be available in five versions: Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Basic. Finally, Windows Vista Ultimate, which incorporates business features, mobility features, and home entertainment features!

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