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18 September 2017

Google Analytics PII - safe-guarding emails

Can you imagine what would happen if Google allowed the sending of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Google Analytics? The demand from marketing people to personalise online experience is huge...

5 September 2017

What's your cookie size - are you safe?

From time to time I visit the Microsoft website ( if you didn't know :) ), I also have a habit of using this website (and some others) to check...

5 September 2017

A Guide To Tracking Cookie Size In Google Analytics

In my previous article (What's your cookie-size - are you on the safe side?), I demonstrated the situation when a third-party marketing script could damage your business: may prevent your...

22 August 2017

Excel reporting Era is coming to an end. Is your business ready?

I bet you have heard about Big Data. We have entered a new age in which more and more companies are adopting data and seeing the value and importance of...

22 August 2017

Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking - Excluding domain

Tracking multiple websites with Google Analytics is easy. Just add the same tracking code snippet to your websites' pages (or use GTM) and you can see data for two websites...

27 July 2017

Google Analytics - High-Cardinality dimension(s) are dangerous

How to fight Google Analytics Portal High-Cardinality Dimensions warning and avoid common pitfalls during the analysis

10 April 2017

Migrating from BigQuery Legacy SQL to Standard SQL

Internetrix combines digital consulting with winning website design, smart website development and strong digital analytics and digital marketing skills to drive revenue or cut costs for our clients.

5 April 2017

Google Tag Manager limits

Google Tag Manager: What You Should Know About Its Limits Following my post Google Analytics Limits and Quotas I have received several questions about Google Tag Manager (GTM) and its limits.

20 March 2017

Fighting referral spam, once and for all!

With the arrival of the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol ( a fantastic Google Analytics feature ), comes a less welcome item associated with the arrival of a new spam category:...

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