The Google Analytics 360 Suite

Internetrix is a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner and a reseller. 


The Google Marketing Platform Partner (Google Analytics 360 Suite) is a group of combined tools that form a powerful digital analytics platform. It provides an accurate and actionable way to bring all of your data together and promote your understanding of your marketing campaigns and customers’ online journeys. It combines analytics, tagging, site optimisation, attribution engage with the right users at the right time. Modelling, audience management, data visualization, surveys and helps marketers to 

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Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 provides insights into user behaviour tracking, as well as a solution to your analytics problems and a more granular data about your customers acquisition journey.   

The variety of benefits to your business include:

  •  Advanced integration with the other components of Google 360 suits such as DoubleClick and BigQuery. 
  • Credits for using BigQuery. 
  • Fresher data (up to 4 hours rather than 24). 
  • Data-driven attribution modeling that enable you to know the real credit for each marketing channel. 
  • More customer dimensions and metrics (200 rather than 20). 
  • Unsampled data. 
  • Less limitation for data collection as Google Analytics 360 all you to process up to one billion hits per month.

 Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager 360 provides a greater solution for managing of all your tracking and tags. It is the Enterprise-level version of Google Tag Manager and provides a variety of benefits such as: 

  • Enterprise support and Service Level Agreements. 
  • Advanced workflow that can be integrated with your current business workflow. 
  • Providing an easier way to deploy and integrate with new mobile SDK’s. 
  • Providing a unique code that can be installed across your website instead of multiple codes. 
  • Providing more flexibility and accuracy for data collection as well as a faster load time for your website. 
  • Providing API to construct and configure containers and tags.

Google Optimise 360

Optimise 360 is a solution for testing different variations of your site and personalizing the customers’ experiences that works best for each segmentation. Google Optimize comes with a variety of benefits including: 

  • Integration with Google analytics. There is no need to deploy a new snippet and you can use the metrics that you already have. 
  • Providing an easy way to set up the process without involving developers. 
  • Delivering personalized content for your audience segments. 
  • Visual Editing is available which can be used to create tailored content for your experiments. 
  • Offering various actionable reports to track and evaluate your experiments. 
  • Offering more advanced computational modelling and more intelligent results. 

Google Attribution 360

Attribution 360 is a powerful solution that brings your offline and online data together and enable you to set smarter marketing strategies. Attribution 360 consists of three important components: Digital Attribution and TV Attribution.   

Digital Attribution enables marketers to gain cross-channel clarity and assign credit to each marketing channel more accurately. The insights provided by digital attribution are extremely valuable for optimizing your marketing channels. It consists of the following features: 

  • Cross-Device Attribution: Enables marketers to identify which marketing channels contributed most to a conversion, when users are spread across different devices. 
  • Data-Driven Attribution: Offers a data-driven algorithmic approach to identify the appropriate credit that should be assigned to each marketing channel. 
  • Flexible Data Integration: Can be integrated with other Google products such as Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick and so on. 
  • Spend Optimiser: Enables marketers to conduct a variety of budget optimization scenarios and see the impact of their future marketing investments.


TV Attribution enables us to integrate digital and broadcast data. Attribution 360 collects data from broadcast sources and partners to investigate the effect of TV advertisements on the minute-by-minute search query. In other words, it helps us determine the best times and TV programs for your TV advertisement. It consists of the following features: 

  • Airings Data: Collects ad airings data. 
  • Digital Response data: Collects minute-by-minute search query data for keywords associated with your ads and website data. 
  • Integrated Insights: Employs digital attribution and Marketing Mix Modelling to promote your understanding about the impact of your TV advertisement across all your marketing channels.
  • Machine Learning Impact Estimates: Machine learning algorithms are employed to estimate the impact of TV advertisements.   

Google Audience Centre 360

Google Audience Center 360 is Google’s first data management platform for enterprises. It can be integrated with Google DoubleClick and Adwords, as well as third-parties to connect marketers with their customers on different channels and websites. Audience Centre 360 offers a variety of benefits including:  

  • Providing an easy way to identify different customer segmentations and enable you to personalize your messages and send them at the right time. 
  • Promote your understanding about how marketing channels work together and how different customer segments respond differently to a marketing channel. 
  • Improving ROI by serving your customers based on what they are looking for.

Google Data Studio 360

Data Studio 360 is a powerful visualization tool that enables you to collect data from various sources and create engaging interactive dashboards easily. Data Studio 360 provides various benefits such as:  

  • Easy Access to all data: Data studio 360 provides a variety of diverse tools that include not only Google products, but also multiple 3rd party tools such as Bigquery, CRM and DoubleClick.  Moreover, Community Connectors enable partners to provide powerful reporting and analysis solutions for their customers.  
  • Reports and Dashboards: Data Studio 360 provides a drag-and-drop model that requires no steep learning curve for creating any appealing reports and dashboards.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Data studio 360 was built on the Google Docs framework. It allows you to grant permissions for editing or viewing the dashboards.  As a result, your clients and colleagues can simultaneously work together on the same report.

Google Surveys 360

Surveys 360 allows for the fast, reliable gathering of insights from consumers across the internet and mobile platforms at a fraction of normal marketing research cost. Survey 360 offers powerful marketing research capabilities, such as:

  • Advanced Geographic Targeting:  Target your surveys by post code and area.
  • Remarketing: User-list targeting allows you to reach the right people at the right time, gain deeper insight into the 'why' and 'how' to complement campaign metrics and measure campaign awareness and recall.