Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360

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Google Analytics 360 is the enterprise-level version of Google Analytics core product. Analytics 360 provides powerful insights into user behaviour tracking and more granular data about your customers acquisition journey.

With an easy-to-use user interface and a list of powerful pack-a-punch features, Google Analytics 360 is the perfect upgrade from the core Google Analytics platform. 

The variety of benefits to your business include:

  • Advanced integration with the other components of Google 360 suits such as DoubleClick and BigQuery.
  • Credits for using BigQuery.
  • Fresher data (up to 4 hours rather than 24).
  • Data-driven attribution modeling that enable you to know the real credit for each marketing channel.
  • More customer dimensions and metrics (200 rather than 20).
  • Unsampled data.
  • Less limitation for data collection as Google Analytics 360 all you to process up to one billion hits per month   


Google Analytics 360 is only available through a certified reseller and partner of Google. In 2007, Internetrix became the second Google partner in Australia, meaning we have over 11 years experience in driving value to our customers through Google's enterprise products. Internetrix do not only resell the Google enterprise products, we also offer implementation and tagging, training, along with analysis and reporting the platforms.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits or to schedule a product demo for Google Analytics 360 or the other Google Marketing Platform products get in touch with one of Internetrix's professionals.