IBM Business Partner in Australia

IBM Advanced Business Partner - Authorized IBM Cloud and Software Value PlusInternetrix is a quality IBM business analytics reseller, working with businesses of all sizes and stages to recognise their business analytical data and helping to make better business decisions through real stats.

As an IBM business analytics partner, Internetrix work with customers providing them with analytics solutions to give them a competitive edge.

Our IBM business services include reselling the IBM business analytics services for customised analytics solutions for better consumer insights, time stamp behaviour and driven data.

IBM Tealeaf
IBM Digital Analytics
IBM Xtify

IBM TeaLeaf is a leading customer experience management analytics tool providing businesses with better visibility and access to real time client activity.

As an IBM business partner in Australia, Internetrix are proud to offer our clients the premium IBM product Tealeaf CX Customer Experience Management.

IBM® Tealeaf® CX is a leading IBM ExperienceOne customer experience management and customer behaviour analysis solution, providing businesses with vision, diagnostic exposure to data and the ability to meet online conversion key performance indicators through sales objectives.

Tealeaf® is a robust datastore of online information that captures and manages each and every visitor interaction on your website or online platform. TeaLeaf is the solution to all visibility challenges and is a breakthrough solution giving businesses more access and control over their business, their customer engagement and customer experiences.

Internetrix offer the following IBM Tealeaf solutions as part of our online performances:


cxImpact gives businesses the power to detect and identify hidden problems impacting your business, causing customer challenges. cxImpact provides you with the insight and visibility to deal with problems head on.


cxView provides an early warning system into critical customer experience metrics, KPIs, struggle scores and significant change.


cxOverstat improves website page flows using data visualisation analytics including heat maps, attention maps, form and link analytics to improve overall campaign performance and content strategy placement.


cxReveal is the intuitive IBM TeaLeaf replay function that gives teams access to both live and historical customer activities.


cxVerify provides analytics teams with the power to manage customer interaction for better insight into activities to deal with customer dispute resolution and compliance issues more effectively. cxVerify also provides businesses with record preservation to protect them against fraudulent online activities and gain better customer record access in the case of fraud investigations.


cxConnect integrates analytics, business intelligence and website optimisation solutions to achieve the ultimate cross channel customer behavior analytics insight.

Are you looking for more information and better insights into your customer's online activities, so that you can turn that data into qualified leads?

Speak to the Internetrix Online Performance team to see if the IBM® Tealeaf® Customer Experience management analytics suite is the tool suited to your business needs.

IBM Digital Analytics is a complete package cloud based digital analytics product that provides businesses with deep data, comparative benchmarks and analytics actions to turn campaigns into action.

Internetrix can provide businesses with the ultimate competitive edge through state-of-the-art IBM digital analytics products.

IBM digital analytics provide businesses with awesome insights and intuitive reporting, allowing businesses to optimise all digital channels into a custom IBM analytics dashboard for easier benchmarking and statistics.

IBM Digital Analytics is part of the IBM ExperienceOne Suite and provides businesses with digital journeys, marketing touch point both on and offline giving you the power to personalise your marketing campaigns to specific clients.

Giving businesses the power to optimise all digital presences and marketing channels through flexible dashboards and reporting for real-time KPIs, intelligence through competitive data and live user profiles to help you pinpoint your marketing spend to the right channels.

Internetrix will help you to increase revenue by targeting your prospective customers through relevant content across your businesses channels through IBM digital analytics.

Unleash the power of analytics through the IBM EnterpriseOne suite offered by Internetrix - be informed with powerful data.

Internetrix provide the IBM product Xtify as part of the ExperienceOne Digital analytics suite of products on offer. Xtify is the answer to IBM Mobile push notifications - providing a flexible simple to use neighbourhood for mobile app users.

The Xfity mobile app push platform allows businesses to target communication to potential customers based on segmentation, customer behaviours, historical locations to give you the best experience from your mobile marketing investments.

Engage with mobile customers through relevant content, offers and alerts pushing targeting notifications to mobile app users.

IBM Xtify platform integrated with all mobile browsers pushing notifications to Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Android, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry Apps.

Real Data for Real Business Decisions.