Data Science

At Internetrix, we provide practical solutions to complex problems. From spreadsheets to machine learning, we are experts in the mathematics of making smarter decisions.

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Arm yourself with intelligent insights to make important informed decisions. Our team of mathematicians, computer scientists and business experts can translate your data into actionable insights.

Survey Design & Analysis

Before you can analyse your data, knowing what to collect is key. We can help you ask the right questions in the right way to get insights that are valid for intelligent decision-making.

Statistical Data Analysis

We understand that life is full of uncertainty. At Internetrix we embrace the ambiguous to help paint a clear picture for business decision-makers.

Reporting & Dashboards

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We build seamless reporting systems tailored directly to your business needs so you have insight where you need it.

Resource Allocation & Optimisation

Employees are an expensive, yet valuable resources. We help you get the best out of your team by putting them in the right place at the right time.

Predictive Modelling

From fraud detection to purchase behaviour we can help model the future using your past. Rather than just taking up disk space, make your data work for you.

Data Science Team Development

Ready to take it to the next level? We have years of experience working with the best tools and the best people. Let us show you what’s behind the curtain so you can start adding value in-house.

Turn your data into insights.

Discover untapped business opportunities to fuel business growth.

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Daniel Rowan

Managing Director

Michael David


Jacinta Cali


Dean Marchiori

Data Science Team Leader

Tiffany Chen

Data Analyst

Dmitry Klymenko

Head of Enterprise Analytics

Itwik Joshi

Digital Analytics Analyst

Vitalii Semenov

Web Analyst

Jason Tippins

Customer Experience Manager

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Operations Manager

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