Campaign Management

Improve PPC campaign via daily management. Advices from google Adwords Certified Partner

Once the campaign planning and setup phase has been finalised, your ad will be displayed on the chosen search engine results page when your keywords are searched, as shown below.

Adwords Interface

 As part of the SEM process, it is important to periodically and continually manage your advertisements, make changes in response to the performance of existing ads and determine areas for improvement. You are also able to define the duration of your advertisement and modify any aspect throughout the course of the campaign.  For instance, budget may need to be increased or keywords modified; an example is displayed.

Adwords Interface

Internetrix is able to manage your campaigns on your behalf, where we will administer the following areas:

  • Performance of each ad
  • Budget consumption
  • Possible areas for improvement, which will be integrated into the next round of campaign revisions