Implement Recommendations

SEO implementation for better ranking in Search Engines

Internetrix compiles and shares the SEO recommendations report with you. We then offer you the following implementation options to ensure that you deploy the suggested improvements in the correct fashion:

  • For those who do not have a webmaster, Internetrix is available to assist in implementation of the recommendations provided in the Recommendations Report.  This can include onsite optimisation of  website content, metadata, links and images, as well as increasing the number of inbound links to your website to boost your rankings.
  • For those who have their own webmaster, Internetrix is also able to assist in the implementations of recommendations.

If Internetrix is to deploy your recommendations, we will make use of a comprehensive suite of tools, such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and other techniques that will allow us to complete content and metadata changes.  These tools allow us to:

  1.  Implement Metadata and content in CMS
  2. Utilise Google Webmaster Tools to submite your sitemap
  3. Review Google Analytics data to evaluate SEO Impact

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