Situation Analysis

SEO website Situation analysis for Search Engine Optimisation @ Internetrix Wollonging

Once the keywords have been determined, it is important that your current website is evaluated in terms of which features exist or are lacking, and what are general areas for improvement. Search engines are a competitive environment, and this phase will allow us to determine the keywords that are feasible for targeting. During this phase we complete a competitor analysis and map the scope of work required to obtain optimal search engine rankings for your website.

Crucial areas for considerations throughout this stage are:

  • Search engine rankings of your website for your targeted keywords
  • Keyword density of your site
  • Number of inbound links
  • Amount of page links throughout the website
  • Website structure, in terms of a general analysis

The following illustrate a number of tools utilised during the situation analysis.

SEO Rank Checker

SEO rank checker

Word Cloud


Internal Internetrix Checklist

Internetrix internal SEO checklist